10 sure tips to stay safe online!

Always follow these tips to stay safe Online from hackers and predators.

1. Install a good antivirus software that would protect you from keyloggers or various other Trojans. (Personally I would recommend quick heal) and an anti malware too(malware bytes).

2. Use onscreen keyboard to login when using a shared PC or a friend’s PC. It will prevent your login info from getting recorded by keyloggers.

3. Use virtual debit card while shopping. Almost every bank provides such service. It’s very easy to setup online as you can define the cash limit in it and it will make another virtual debit card which you can use for shopping. Thus it will protect your original credit card from getting hacked. Google it if your bank provides it.

4. Never write your passwords anywhere and don’t share them with anyone.

5. Avoid downloading software or cracks from unknown sources or torrents. Even if you use pirated software, use a known and legit source to download from.

6. Don’t carelessly open your email attachments sent by unknown people. If you are not sure about a file, open it in sandbox.

7. Always scan your removable drives before accessing them.

8. Use a strong password that is not easy to guess. Choose a complex security question and answer so that nobody can guess it. Take care of your secondary email address as well.

9. Always check the login page URL before logging in. You might get trapped into phishing.If an unknown person sends you unknown links over messages, ignore them. Even if you clicked on it, never login from there if a login page comes there.

10. Always check whether your Facebook login page is using https:// or not. If not, then enable it from settings. It will prevent your session from being hijacked.

11. There is no software or online service available on the internet that can hack mail accounts. If they claim to do so, they are fooling you. Don’t fall for these, you might end up losing your own email account.

12. Provide a secondary email address and mobile phone number while signing up. If you get hacked, you can recover your password from there.

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