How to prevent yourself from getting Hacked!


To avoid getting hacked first you should know how they hack you. If you haven’t read my previous article then go through it by clicking here. Now you know the most common methods that hackers use and now you can also prevent it.

Protection from keyloggers/trojans

It is the most widely used method to hack into someone’s account. Many a times you visit a public computer in a cafe or in a friend’s home to login into your account. That shared computer may be infected with keyloggers and trojans. your own PC can also get infected. If you have even a little doubt that your pc is infected with keyloggers or trojans and you can’t remove them with your antivirus software then don’t login with your pc. follow any of these methods:

1. using onscreen keyboard

press windows button and type ‘osk’ without quotes. Click on that on screen keyboard and then type from there by clicking on the onscreen keyboard.This way keyloggers would not detect any physical key being pressed by the user and would not record anything.


2. using key scrambler software
It encrypts the letters you type anywhere thus bypassing the keylogger’s trojan logging mechanism.

The hacker would get encrypted letters that are no use to him but you would get your work done. It is a very worthy software that you must install on your pc if you feel like your pc is insecure in any way. Download a good one from here –




Protection from social engineering

Social engineering refers to the art of manipulating people to click on a malicious link or let them reveal their passwords somehow.You might get a email that your email company wants to verify your account and you have to enter your password again or you have won a lottery and enter your details to get the prize money.

Beware of such emails and never click on any such links given by unknown persons and verify the authencity of that email.No company will ever send you such emails. Someone also might tell you to click on a unknown link somewhere on a facebook! So keep this in mind whenever you see any kind of suspicious link anywhere.


Notice the sender email. It’s not from! It’s a fake one.

Protection from Phishing

sometimes you might get a link similar to a website like or ! watch It again It’s not the original website. when you click on it you will get a similar page as facebook login’s page and once you enter your username and password it will be sent to the hacker and you will be redirected to original facebook page. You would not even know that you got hacked!


It’s a fake webpage to capture your login details.

Always check the url before logging in and also that green padded lock on the browser url bar before logging in. It shows that the page is encrypted using SSL.

Notice that https:// in the url bar. It confirms the valid identity of the site and encrypts the data too.


Prevention tips

It is always said that prevention is better than cure and you must follow these steps to prevent yourself from getting hacked.

1. Install a good antivirus(personally i recommend quick heal)
2. install an anti malware software too (malware bytes is free and the best)
3.Use a VPN when on a public wifi network. 
4. The biggest prevention is to remain cautious always and to be informed about latest threats.


722b-malware bytes

malware bytes in action.

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