Why they track you and benefits of being invisible over the internet?


On a sunday afternoon you are just lazily browsing through different products on amazon or flipkart and after sometime you see a pop up advertisement on some other website telling you to buy the same product you were searching for! You are going through different travel & tours website and at the end of the day you get a email on a promotional offer for a trip to an exact destination you were searching for! Ever gave it a thought on how it happened? actually they were tracking you!

We are in a world today where each and every online activity and private information of ours is recorded and stored somewhere. The recent news about NSA spying on every individual by whistle blower Edward Snowden was shocking! If you don’t know upto what great extent your private life is being infiltrated by intelligence agencies then read my previous article by clicking here.


Why they spy upon you?

Different websites track you for different purposes. an e-commerce website might track you to sell you, your favourite products. Some travel agencies websites might track you to increase their sales after knowing the choice and range of yours. That’s not harmful to us in some way. Infact if we look on the positive side they are for our own good.

But these intelligence agencies gave a completely new meaning to privacy Invasion! They not only track you but make a complete profile of you, your likes and dislikes,your fav. place,your partner/spouse/family/income details and everything about you which even you mother didn’t know about you.

According to them they do it for good reasons like to counter terrorism and to maintain a central database of each and every individual so that they can use it for criminal investigation purposes. But without the consent of individual it’s not a good thing to do. It seems scary that somebody also took a look on my private picture which i just shared with my partner! or somebody also read my private chats and email.



Benefits of being invisible over the internet
  • Bypass Internet Censorship – Recently we have heard that government has blocked many file sharing and torrent websites to deter piracy. some region based restrictions can also be bypassed like facebook is banned in china or you can’t view every channel on Netflix in India.
  • Bypass school/college/organization Internet restrictions – Many social network, video streaming sites or websites with objectionable content may be banned in your organization. At some point you must have thought if somehow I bypassed the restrictions!
  • Avoid Government/Intelligence agencies from tracking you – We have discussed enough about this.The government can’t track you if you are invisible.
  • keep spammers and advertisers at bay – You would not get spam emails or personalized advertisements from different companies or spammers.
  • Hide your identity – No website would come to know who are you and what is your location.
  • keep Hackers and bad guys away – Hackers can’t target you if they don’t know your ip address or if you are behind another network. you can easily keep them away, although this is not always true. I will explain it in detail later on.

Stay tuned and I will teach how you how to remain invisible on the internet in my next post.

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