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Evilduino! – USB hack tool

Almost everyone must have seen those spy movies where someone just inserts his tiny USB drive

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Rooting Android devices: what, why and how?

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Reverse engineering any Java app or applet tut

Java compilation & execution process When any java program is compiled and executed, It does not

Online Banking system in PHP & MySQL

We recently worked on a small project on Online Banking system in PHP & Mysql. I

Facebook Cookie stealing and session hijacking python code

Almost everyone knows here what a cookie is. If you don’t know, let me give a

‘Hacker’ – The most misunderstood term in the Digital world

  The word ‘hacker’ – sounds dangerous, destructive and villanious! Exactly as digital media describes it.

What it takes to become an Ethical Hacker?

  Gone are the days when hacking was considered as a dark and grimmy job! It is now

Confused about which Career path to choose in IT industry? What other options do you have?

There are many fields in IT industry to make your career in. I am confused! Which